One of the Midwest’s Leading Sureties

Focused on service, reliability and care.


Over 25 years of experience working in the bail bond industry.


We offer competitive contracts and rates with free forms and documents.


The most up to date data base technology program in the bail industry.


We offer ongoing agent training and support.


About Whitecap Surety

Since 2005, Whitecap Surety has been the Midwest’s leading surety specializing in bail bonds. Our goal is to provide the best service, support and technology to the bail agencies we insure.

The founder of Whitecap has over 25 years of experience working in the retail bail bond industry and has gained the knowledge necessary to build and grow a successful bail bond agency.

Whitecap Surety is a member of the American Bail Coalition.

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We Offer:

• Competitive contracts and rates

• Free forms and documents

• On going agent training and support

• The most up to date Data Base Technology program in the Bail industry

Are you a professional bail bond agent in the Midwest looking for a strong surety?

At Whitecap Surety, you would be treated like a member of our family. Your success is our success and we will work closely with you to help your business expand and succeed.

We are known for our experience and professionalism in the bail bond industry and constantly strive to exceed that reputation. We offer excellent service, support and advice for our agents. It is our goal that every agent becomes a partner and that we form a long term and loyal business relationship.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to Whitecap Surety representative about becoming an agent, please call us anytime (612) 616-1551. You can fill out the form below to start the bail bond agent application.


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If you are looking to get into the bail bond industry or have questions about the bail bond industry, please feel free to call us anytime (612) 616-1551.


Questions about the bail bond industry or want to learn more about Whitecap Surety? Feel free to contact us.
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